The situation:

For many, change has been rapid.

Opportunities are there: new markets, models and products.

This is Cornish businesses’ time to seize them and secure a strong, sustainable, successful economy based on digital excellence.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses need to digitally transform to ensure they don’t get left behind:

  • Ensure your business model is leading with a digital strategy
  • Guarantee you can respond to changing customer behaviours, expectations and external factors and disruptors that can influence their perception of your business.
  • Increase your productivity, efficiency and competitive advantage through automation.
  • Satisfy increasing customer demands without adding extra costs.
  • Create a more unique value proposition.
  • Retaining and building a strong customer base through a dynamic and more personalised digital customer experience.
  • Embrace collaborative tools to ensure teams can still work effectively split between remote and physical spaces while maintaining a strong company culture.
  • Meet the changing needs and expectations of your workforce.

The solution:

Our team of dedicated Digital Innovator’s will support you, one-to-one, through a digital discovery session. They’ll work out where you’re up to, digitally, what your options are, then help you to develop and test your new ideas. Once all the data’s gathered, together we plan your transformation into a successful digital first business.

The Digital Marketplace:

The Digital Marketplace will increase collaboration between digital and other businesses by bringing them together, both physically and via an online marketplace. This will help digital businesses to grow and increase market reach, and help others to increase productivity and competitiveness through digital tools and solutions.


Businesses who need digital help will attend an event and pitch their requirements to potential suppliers. In return, those suppliers pitch their responses.

So that’s work for the digital provider and an upgrade for the business seeking a digital solution: great news for both, as well as for Cornwall.

The Digital Transformation Space:

This is a brand new venue where a lot of this collaboration, networking and peer-to-peer learning happens. It’s where businesses can access expertise from their Digital Innovator as well as attend events, connect with their peers and use the building’s extensive spaces and meeting rooms.

Part of the FibreHub, The Digital Transformation Space also encompass’ workspaces, cutting edge digital technology, projection facilities and superfast connectivity.

Our Digital Innovators:

These are the people who will make a difference and lead from the front.

Their job is to help Cornish businesses grow more, do more, and do better. This is about more than adopting digital strategies and new technologies, it’s about embedding a digital mindset within the business too. Once a business’s culture begins to change, ‘digital’ is no longer a nice-to-have bolt-on in the form of software or hardware, it’s a state of mind in which innovation and doing business continually feed off each other, two halves of a whole.

Our Digital Innovators’ expertise, passion for supporting businesses and skill in communicating both at events, workshops, and one-to-ones is what sets them apart.

Procurement, Recruitment and Grants

The programme features dedicated procurement support helping businesses to understand and ‘buy and sell better’ leading to more successful projects for the county.

Through our well-known jobs support we will be supporting businesses to create specialist digital sector jobs for graduates, and there is also significant grant funding opportunities for businesses through the programme.

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