Agile Product Development Workshop – June 22nd

Agile Product Development Workshop – June 22nd

Turn brand new ideas into brilliant new products

June 22nd

9.30 am - 1pm

FibreHub, Pool

Whether it’s a new product or service, the agile way of working is a proven, effective way to support its design, development and launch.

The agile approach cut its teeth in tech, but it’s long since outgrown its single-sector origins to become adopted across many business areas as a way to develop innovative products and services quickly and efficiently.

Expert Agile Business Coach, Belinda Waldock, follows up Introduction To Agile (find out more) by helping us understand how agile’s key concepts and methods can supercharge the progress of your new product or service.

Belinda’s dynamic, interactive (and in-person) session will help you:

  • Map your customer journey.
  • Identify your minimum viable product.
  • Create your product roadmap.

Recent attendee of this workshop, Sam Taylor, of ljo Power , said this was:

… a fantastic workshop to attend. Belinda managed to break down high level strategy and innovation in a way which helped us focus on how we were going to approach and deliver our thoughts and ideas.  Highly recommended.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of agile, but our Introduction To Agile workshop is a more than useful and highly enjoyable way to familiarise yourself, as are Belinda’s various online learning tools.  

However new to – or seasoned in – agile you are, this session will equip you with practical and proven tools to turn the promise of a great idea into the reality of an outstanding product or service.

The Digital Transformation programme is funded by the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (CIOS) European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2014 to 2020.

By participating in this event you will receive support to the de-minimis value of £292/€344 based on an exchange rate of £1.00/€1.18 (exchange rate dated 01 May 2022)

Terms and Conditions here.

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