Meet our Digital Innovators

Meet our Digital Innovators

Say our digital experts

Our Digital Innovators combine technical expertise with the people-and-business skills needed to turn nerdy know-how into tangible, transformative benefits to help your business grow.

Katie Moore – Digital Innovator

Katie has been part of the Unlocking Potential family for over 10 years. She started working in project administration and progressed to covering marketing and events; Katie spent five years away working in email marketing and website development as a team leader and project manager, before returning to Unlocking Potential. Katie understands the nuts and bolts of running a project like Digital Transformation having worked extensively with businesses in the digital sector in Cornwall.

What I love about the Digital Transformation project is my interest in how all things digital can be used to improve our businesses and our everyday lives. The possibilities are endless with digital transformation and it can start with the smallest thing; like helping a client to choose the right CRM system, or helping them work out what kind of technical skills they need in their business. Having worked with developers in my previous roles I can help bridge some of those communication gaps and put the tech-speak into understandable language.

On a daily basis I’m having great conversations with clients, listening to the challenges they face and helping them find solutions. We can’t always fix everything but being someone to bounce ideas off is always helpful, as well as having another viewpoint on the situation. I’m really excited to be part of this new project and there’s nothing more us Digital Innovator’s love than having a problem to solve!

Helen Jones – Digital Innovator

Helen’s day to day as a Digital Innovator involves using her experience and knowledge in a previous career working in Software Development together with many years working at Caterpillar on their ERP/MRP systems and processes. To date acting mainly as a ‘critical friend’ to clients, with a particular emphasis on process improvement, Helen helps clients choose the right piece of software or hardware and sense checking the requirements against grant proposals.
I love the fact that the Digital Innovator role gives me the opportunity to enhance my coaching skills, which is something I am passionate about, and on occasion I am able to be creative and suggest a simple solution or workaround using free or opensource software that could really benefit the client while saving them many thousands of pounds.
The exciting thing about the Digital Transformation programme for me is to be able to use my prior experience and knowledge to help people improve their business leading to the potential for growth.
I enjoy working with both Digital and Non Digital companies, I can be working with people who are borderline technophobic who need some gentle encouragement and guidance in the morning, then working with someone who is highly experienced and an expert in their digital field in the afternoon. There has literally never been a dull moment since I started!

Dave Crossley – Digital Innovator

With a long-standing background in Business Transformation and managing the delivery of IT infrastructure projects for E.ONDave joined Unlocking Potential in September 2020 as a Digital Innovator for the Digital Transformation Programme helping businesses change the way they work using digital technology.

The Digital Transformation programme presents a fantastic opportunity for Cornish businesses to embrace digital. Businesses have already proved themselves in the analogue world and can now reach the next level by transforming themselves using technology to enable it.

I was drawn to the programme to help people and businesses aspire to become more efficient, reinvent themselves and grow new markets and customers by sharing my knowledge and experience of digital, technology, application development and infrastructure projects. I’ve supported small-to-medium enterprises previously in Merseyside and spent 19 years with the energy utility E.ON in a variety of business transformation, online and project management roles delivering communication improvement, increased collaboration and process automation solutions.

Specifically, I bring a creative problem-solving mind-set to help businesses inwardly and outwardly identify opportunities of where the real ‘golden nuggets’ exist. I actively promote and encourage big picture and out-of-the-box thinking to challenge businesses to truly innovate their products and services, consider new business models and explore venturing into new markets to attract new customers and deliver wow! We’ve utilised our digital discovery tool with a few clients already and it’s really exciting to see the growth opportunities we’re now working up in more detail.


Is digital an integral part of your business? We can support you embrace new digital thinking.