Drone tour of Digital Transformation Space

Drone tour of Digital Transformation Space

opportunities, happy accidents and unplanned interactions

If the Digital Transformation Space could be neatly summed up in one word it would be ‘opportunity’.

Opportunity for chance encounters; to experience what cutting edge tech has to offer; to have conversations you didn’t know you needed to have, to hunker down with a coffee in a quiet space or to just, simply, have some space – bringing people together to share ideas or to collaborate.

Dr Nathan Jeffery, Programme Manager for the Digital Transformation project, explains why the Digital Transformation Space is a thriving hub of digital excellence for digital and non-digital businesses who want to adopt clever tech and seize valuable opportunities through collaboration:

The Digital Transformation Space is the home of Digital Transformation. Coming to the space you’ll find our team of Digital Innovators working with businesses to develop and test new ideas, helping them to remain competitive by developing a more unique value proposition, niche or new business model, as part of their digital strategy. Additionally, you’ll find bustling event and social spaces filled with likeminded businesses. 

To find the Digital Transformation Space head to the FibreHub – brainchild of Headforward’s Director, Toby Parkins – in Pool, just off the A30.

Toby said:

In spite of video-conferencing’s qualities, it can’t replicate the spontaneity and happy accidents of people meeting up and having unplanned interactions. I had a long-held ambition to bring disparate businesses together under one roof

Toby describes an innovation centre he visited in Sweden, a place which had at its heart a relaxed open space with a brilliant café, somewhere which nurtured a convivial and social atmosphere, conducive to the cross-pollination of ideas. It was important that the FibreHub offers the same sense of atmosphere:

“The café located at the FibreHub offers an impeccable pedigree of coffee, food and customer service.”

Book the auditorium, individual rooms, multiple meeting rooms for breakout sessions or the entire space and café. Find out more and get in touch to discuss what you need.

Digital Transformation’s new space was delivered in partnership with Unlocking Potential, Headforwards and The Cornwall College Group.

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