Introduction To Agile – June 7th

Introduction To Agile – June 7th

It's time to get agile

June 7th

9.30 am - 1pm, Lunch Included


Agile working is transformative; this introductory three-hour workshop explains why and how.

We’re lucky to have expert Agile Business Coach, Belinda Waldock, to help us explore agile thinking’s key concepts, tools. When applied throughout a business, they revolutionise team working and management, as well as business and product development (you can come back on June 22nd to learn more about that …).

Agile business thinking works with any kind of company.

Many tech companies have taken the lead, but its principles and concepts are all about what individuals and teams are like, and how they work, not what they make or sell.

Because it’s neither a rulebook nor a one-size-fits-all template, agile’s flexibility means that your business’s unique culture dictates the nature and speed of its adoption.


  • Agile’s key concepts and principles.
  • How to use agile tools (with practice using them).
  • How and where to start taking an agile approach.
  • How to use agile within your business.

All of this will leave you full of ideas and inspiration for transforming your business (in which case, you’ll find our Agile Product Development workshop on June 22nd equally compelling).

The Digital Transformation programme is funded by the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly (CIOS) European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural Investment Fund (ESIF) portfolio 2014 to 2020.

By participating in this event you will receive support to the de-minimis value of £292/€344 based on an exchange rate of £1.00/€1.18 (exchange rate dated 01 May 2022)

Terms and Conditions here.

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